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Saturday, February 22, 2014

What's happening in 2014...

It's beyond time to update this blog!  Time has really gone quickly since the last entry.  I have been thinking about what and how to update and thought I'd pull my better-half in on this one! 

Things are going well with our kiddo's. Gabe is doing well @ MSU, he text's often and comes home most weekends.  Jordan is now 15 1/2 and anxious to get her license... and date.  =)  Jesse is stepping up to the responsibilities of Middle School and doing Gabe's old job in our barn.  Solomon remains creative and chatty.  He's always coming up with new craft ideas and I have to hide the tape from him or it's always gone.  Kyah is now 2 1/2 and doesn't miss a beat!  We are amazed to see how God continues to "peel back the layers" as she blossoms into a crazy-little Klaasen.  

Kyah with baby-dolls: LuLu, Shawna & Florida-Georgia Line  =)  LOL
It's all about pink, baby-dolls and good hair
She loves the iPhone and is a genius using it
Her new princess dress!  Again, it's all about pink & good hair  =)

Todd wasn't excited about me starting a blog.  He didn't want everyone to know all the details in our lives and made it very clear that when our adoption with Kyah was complete, that I would discontinue the blog.  However, Todd now admits that when I started this blog, within a month of people knowing our adoption story and specific prayer requests, we got our referral!  Realizing now that it was the prayers of all you great people that helped.  Todd says "I was wrong".  

We have enjoyed settling in with Kyah, getting used to being a family of 7 and enjoying the moment.  A big thing that we learned from taking classes with Bethany Christian Services was to step back and learn what it's like to be a family as a bonding time with Kyah.  This has proved to be the BEST thing for our family!  We have decided to try to keep it this way.  We do not fill up our calendar and have become better at saying no.  Knowing that this is all for the better of our family life.  And, it's working and is a huge blessing!

The adoption of Kyah has made an incredible impact on our children!  Even after having her home for 16 months, the "newness" of having her here hasn't wore off.  They all love her so much and help her any way they can. They have learned to love someone who is not a biological sibling and realize that all orphans desperately need a family.  We are so thankful that God has moved in such an incredible way for ours. 

It is so important to have a God-based goal for your life and for your family. And we would challenge all families to prayerfully consider what God is calling your family to do.

This past summer, we both had a sense of Holy discontent.  Things were good, but a sense that God wanted more from us.  We were preoccupied with Gabe beginning college and what adjustments that would mean for us.  Are you noticing a trend here?  It's all about "US".  Nothing about what GOD wants.  We were tied up and constantly thinking about our own concerns and transitions.

After much discussion and prayer, we now know we are being called, once again, to ADOPT!

Stay tuned..........