Help bring our girls home!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kyah is officially Kyah!  We received her Michigan Birth Certificate last week and it's neat to see it in writing and on official documents with her name change.  We're finding out as we go what paper work is still needed and how we are to go about getting it.  Once in a while I'll say her Ethiopian name to her and she looks at me and laughs.  She still knows it but apparently thinks it's funny that I would call her that.   =)

She is such a little smartie!  When I think it's been almost 9 weeks that she has been around the English language and how many words she can say and what she obviously understands, I am amazed!  I've talked to her since day one as if she should understand me and rarely does it even seem like she doesn't.  We are pretty sure that English is now her 3rd language that she's been exposed to.  She can say about 20 + words and seems to say something new every day.  I love this age when the "wheels are turning" and new things are learned daily!

Her siblings are amazing with her.  They love her so much!  Each of them take time with her and their love for her is obvious.  They watch over where she is, what she's doing or eating, make sure she's safe and having fun.  They are so good with her.  Jesse is already sure he wants to adopt some day.  So, if there are any 10 year old little girls thinking the same way...look him up!  It's just such a wonderful thing for our children to be exposed to adoption.  It's what God calls us to do and these 4 see first hand how following God's will can be a blessing.  We have been able to learn and teach them about the Ethiopian culture and how to except people of different races and backgrounds.  They love their little sister.  And, as Solomon puts it:  "She's just so cute!  I would even kiss her with mud in her mouth!"
The 5 Klaasen kiddo's
Looking cute in her pink camo!
Wearing an outfit we bought for her in Ethiopia.
Still fits into her traditional Ethiopian dress she wore at her ceremony.
Feeding her baby-doll.
Our Christmas beauty! 

Please join us in praying for our friends Robin, Kerri and Carmen (and their spouses and families) as they are in process of adopting their children from Ethiopia.  It's a long, sometimes very stressful and discouraging process, that is worth every single minute of it!!  Pray that the process goes smooth for them and that they can be united with their new additions one day real soon!