Help bring our girls home!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas & 4 weeks HOME!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!  What a totally incredible Christmas was had this year!  Many times, I would just sit back and observe my family.  Listen to what was being said or sung, either in English or Ahmaric...THAT is truly beautiful and music to my ears!  Watch what they were doing, how creative they all are and how they were including one another.  LOVE that we are all together this year!  How my heart sings Glory to God for the gift of His Son and for allowing my girls to be home with us forever!

There are traditions that we do in America that I am becoming aware of since trying to explain many things to our new teenagers.  Many, to me, simply don't make sense and I have to tell them "I have no idea why we do this, we just do."  So, I am rethinking a few things and simply doing away with them to make life simpler and less complicated.  However, I also like to create new ideas and traditions.

My moms name is Linda, whom we call Gramma Linny.  My middle name is Lynn.  Jordan's is Jacklin. Kyah's is Gracelin Marie.  And I really wanted to continue the "Lin" tradition somehow for our girls middle names.  So, introducing:

Bethlehem "Beti" Emeylin Klaasen!
Tsinat Rahzlin Klaasen!

Our beautiful crew, plus Kaylie, on Christmas Morning!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thanks for "Taking Time to Pray!"

I looked back at my blog from 11-19-15, just less than a month ago, and re-read my words of pleading for prayers "that the Embassy would respond Friday and grant us a date for next week!"

Not only did the Embassy respond with approvals, but after receiving a call from our social worker on that Friday, Nov. 20 at 9:30am, we literally booked tickets and left that same day at 2:30pm!  I had our girlies packed already, and completed packing for Todd, Jordan and myself, finished tasks around the house, made emergency lists for kids staying home and was literally floating on adrenaline!  It truly didn't "hit" any of us that we were finally on our way until about half way across the Atlantic.  LOL!  It was such a rush and we played it over in our heads for well over a year.  Ahhh!!  Love how God worked all of this!

We landed in Ethiopia at 7:30am on Sunday, made it thru customs and were transported to our guesthouse. We changed and drove immediately to pick up our girls for church and lunch.  Our girls found out we were coming on that Sunday morning....they didn't have much time to process either!  Although they both were quiet (except for many giggles during church! =) the day with them was amazing!!  We brought them back to their orphanage for their final night there and we headed back to our guesthouse for some much needed rest.  Honestly, they must have thought we were such duds.  We all tried to put on our best face, and although we were really thrilled to be there with them, we were whipped and needed sleep!  

Monday morning, Nov. 23, 2015 a.k.a. our girls official "Gotcha Day" we arrived early and took our girls with us forever!  Teary eyed just thinking of that day!  Our whole trip was simply the best, but driving away from the orphanage with them next to us .... a dream come true!!

Thanks to you all so very much for your prayers to bring our girls home!  YOU are a very important part of these adoptions!  YOU are a huge part of this!  God listened to your prayers!  Thank YOU so very much on behalf of these 2 beautiful girls that I have the privilege of calling mine and tucking in each night!!