Help bring our girls home!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Take time to pray

Our girls cases got submitted to the US Embassy on 11-10-15 after all the required paperwork was obtained.  Typically when our agency submits this, the adoptive family is given an Embassy date that same day or the following....well, that is typically what happens. It's been 10 days so far!! Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING has been typical about our processes.  Sure makes for an exciting journey.....I say with much sarcasm!

We are again calling on YOU, our faithful prayer warriors, to call on the Name of Jesus to get this process completed! John 16:23 says "I tell you the truth, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name".  Usually it's a 3 -5 week turn-around time, we are over 4 weeks.  Still in the time frame and hoping and praying that we get an Embassy date for next week!  Not really sure why I even hold onto dates and time frames, since they just come and go.  So thankful that my God has this already planed and has this all worked out.  (Although, I wish He's let me in on it already!  =)

Our prayer is:  that the Embassy would respond Friday and grant us a date for next week!  I know, not in our timing, but in God's.  I know He continues to hold this all in His control and that alone is my comfort.  Our dream would be a Thanksgiving with our girls, on a plane traveling, taking them to meet their forever family!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Got the girls packed!

I've been really procrastinating with this one!  I'm the "get 'er done" type of person...except when it comes to packing for these 2.  I hope what I bought for them fits and they like it.  :) Jordan and I literally went out one day and bought and entire wardrobe for 2 people!  Should have seen all our packages!  It would be nice if I didn't have much clothes shopping for them to do when they get home.  Anyway, whew!  Feels good to have this under control a bit.  

Should be hearing very soon about our Embassy appointment!  So stinkin' exciting to think about flying home with them!  

Kyah, A.K.A. Captain Jack Sparrow, poses in front of "T" and "B's" suitcase...that we hope to be using really, really soon!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Not 2...but, 3 GIRLS!!

The month of October has been really amazing for our family!  Let me begin by introducing my soon-to-be daughter-in-law Kaylie!  Gabe proposed October 10th and she said yes!  WooHoo!!  His proposal idea was really thought out and planned and totally him!  ....let's just say it had to do with target practicing! 
They are planning a summer wedding.  LOVE this and we are so excited for them!  

October 20th, we passed Ethiopian Court!  "T" and "B" are now official Klaasen's and we long to get them home!  We have all the required documents completed and are waiting for them to be submitted to the US Embassy in Ethiopia to get a date to travel!  (Literally having just completed them at 4am today!...yes, we check our email at all times of the day and night when waiting for international adoption documents and do whatever it takes!) 

Praise the Lord for 3 new daughters!!!

Thank you all for your continued prayers!  What amazing peace we feel.  Our trip went unbelievably well in all ways, thanks to your prayers!  We truly feel them!  Please continue to pray for our girls as they wait.  Days must seem like weeks for them....they do for us!  The girls both long to have families, which was evident by our visits with them.  Although we realize all they must soon leave, it brings me more joy to think about all they will soon gain.  Pray they are at peace about leaving their homeland and adjust well to life with their new family.  Each one of us is so anxious to have them home!  Can't wait for all their "new firsts" here in Michigan!  

Gabe & Kaylie

Literally a minute before meeting our girls for the first time!  =)

Gorgeous Ethiopia!

This day was almost too good to be true!  Jesse totally amazed us in so many ways while on this trip together.  I plan to write about this day in particular later, but will give you a brief description now.  Jesse choose to sponsor a child in Ethiopia, while in Ethiopia!  AND, literally got to meet her 20 minutes later!  Here, she is thanking him =)

Jesse & our guide overlooking the view at Debre Libanos, north of Addis

Mt. Entoto, after court =)
The view from the top of our guest house!
Jesse with our dear friends at the Morning Coffee Guesthouse! 
Jesse tried every food set before him!  Here, he is eating authentic Ethiopian food- which he really liked!  His favorite was shiro eaten with injara.


Since we aren't able to share pictures of the girls yet, their hands will have to do!