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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mega pictures and P.A.I.R.

Sol & Kyah just chillin' in the hammock
Family photo is currently missing 2
Jesse, Solomon & Kyah having fun on the first warm day this summer.
Kyah enjoys our pygmy goat, "Billy"
Fun in our pool!
Kyah needed to get out of the pool and listen to music on the iphone
Posing by our calves  =)
Kyah is getting braver by the day with our calves
Playing in the sandbox
Solomon found a great way to pick cherries from our tree  =)
Jordan by our new pasture
Todd took a day off from work and we enjoyed a family bike ride
stopped to check out a creak then back to our house for an afternoon at the pool.
Gabe joined us at Peach Wave for some yummy goodness!
I discovered "divide and enjoy" bowl separators.  Amazing idea!!  =)
"Gramma La", as Kyah calls her, helped decorate a princess cake for Kyah's birthday party.
She was so excited for her birthday!   Couldn't wait for everyone to arrive, sing to her and, of course, open up her birthday presents!
Grandpa Lee & Gramma A. gave Kyah a princess doll.  Perfect choice and she loves it!
She smiled the entire party and even sang along while we all sang "happy birthday" to her!  Ha!
Trying on her new strawberry lip gloss.
Then, out for a Chinese lunch with Aunt Lisa and cousin Lily
Putting lip gloss on Jesse....what a good big brother!
Uncle Kirk is the best!
Another party with Grampa Jack & Gramma La
Our big 3 year old!!  Love her so very much!!
Apparently Kyah takes after her big brother Jesse.  She was on the monkey bars at our house, fell and hit her head and ended up with 4 staples in the back of her head.  She was a trooper when getting the staples put in (although drugs helped a lot!)  She sluggishly told the doctor and nurse "ok guys, enough!" over and over!

P.A.I.R. is the process we are about to begin with our adoptions.  It stands for Pre-Adoption Immigration Review and basically is the US Embassy reviewing our girls cases to make sure all is in order (that it's Ethical, that they fit the US guidelines as orphans, etc).  We have been waiting for months to begin this part of the adoption process.  It is a lot of legal paper work (around 40 documents for each one) and we have been waiting for a couple that have been difficult to collect.  And, I am happy to say it is all finished and sent in today!!  We should hear in a couple of weeks that they have received it and then we are told that it takes between 3 - 4 months to complete.  That time seems long, but 3 - 4 months slips by quickly.  (I'm trying hard to remain positive, can you tell!?!)  Once that is done, Ethiopia schedules the parent/guardian court and then WE GO!  

Each step we conquer seems huge when waiting, so today feels great!  

Specific prayer requests:  

*for the I600 forms that were sent in today, to arrive complete and thorough. 

*that no further investigating will be necessary and this will simply be approved.

*for "T" and "B".  Our 2 precious girls who desperately need a family to call their own.

*that during this time of waiting, God will work in all our lives and grow us in wondrous ways.

To Him be all the glory!!