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Monday, January 28, 2013

1 1/2 and loads of fun!

Kyah has turned 1 1/2 now and continues to be adjusting really well!  She is a real momma's girl (which I totally admit that I love!)  I have said from the day we brought her home that it feels like she's been with our family from the beginning and it still feels that way.  She has many Klaasen characteristics such as loves coffee, Mexican food, books, playing games on people to make them laugh, enjoys being outside and her silly personality.  Oh, she is just so much fun to have around and I enjoy my days with her immensely!  How thankful I am to be a stay at home mom!! 

Her vocabulary continues to amaze us.  She can say over 50 words, although we may be the only ones to understand all of them.  She absolutely loves her siblings and plays with them well.  She's very orderly and insists and closing things or shutting things immediately after use.  (My other kids could learn from her - ha!)  She loves shoes and boots and tries wearing other peoples as often as possible.  Although she still plays with tractors and trucks, I see her playing with her baby-dolls more often, much to Jordan's approval!  She likes chunky puzzles and, with a bit of help, will put them together over and over.

We recently met with our church elders and are planning on getting her baptized and are working on details.  I am very excited for that day!  Todd & I were asked if we would share a bit about our adoption experience at that service.  We are honored to and need to organize our thoughts.  Please pray we will be effective in sharing to others the wonderful gift that adoption can be!

 Thank you Trista, for your patience and beautiful photo's!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a tough wait!

I just got off the phone with a dear friend of mine who is waiting for their Ethiopian referral.  It makes me tearfully sad to think of her pain she is going through right now.  It's tough!  She and her husband are nearing 25 months of just wait time.  ...not to mention the months of paperwork to get to this point!

I'm going to use this blog today as an opportunity to ask everyone to pray for my sweet friend and her family.  They need some news, any news.  They are at the "top of the list" and yet they wait, nothing happening.

I know God is at work and He's preparing their hearts and their Ethiopian child for each other.  I know that, but it's still tough!

Following God's plans are usually quite an adventure!  When I look back, I can see Him and His plans and how they've come together in such a grand orchestration, something I could never even have thought of!

Join me in praying and I thank you all!

"Dear Lord God,
You know the plans for this family.  You want the very best for them.  You know the plans for their future baby boy.  You want the very best for him.  We ask You to continue to give this family patience as the wait to bring their child home is growing longer.  Hold them in Your hand and surround them with Your perfect peace!  Love that little boy and put people in his life that love and support him until his Michigan family can.  Lord, this is all in Your timing and may Your will be done.  Now, we ask that they get matched with their child soon.  That the process for court & embassy happen quickly after their referral and that they can become the family you have always planned them to be! 

Father, You can do all things and we ask in the Name of Jesus for this family to get their referral and bring their little boy home!!  AMEN."

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pictures of Christmas

Christmas morning "pile-up on Todd!"
 Sisters having fun!
Kyah LOVES her her pink chair & tea-pot set!
Getting ready for her first time in the snow!!
Little snow-bunny!
Wearing new out-fit from Great Aunt Judy & hat from Pam  =)....and talking on the phone again!
Relaxing in her new pink chair
Loves to hear Gabe practice guitar
Fun in the snow with Grampa & Jordy
Jesse pulling Solomon & Kyah
Jesse & Solomon
Kyah & big brother Gabriel

Thursday, January 3, 2013

MUCH to celebrate!

That's what this season is all about...celebration!  It began with Thanksgiving and feeling an overwhelming gratitude to our Heavenly Savior for the addition of Kyah!  Then, the celebration of Jesus' birth!  That He came to this Earth in human form and live among men and remain sinless.  I celebrate His life and how vitally important it is for me to continue to follow Him closely.  And now a New Year celebration! Our family adventures in 2012 were literally "over the top!"  We continue to have MUCH to celebrate!!
The Girls!

The Boys!