Help bring our girls home!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hanging in there

As we receive our weekly updates each Friday, I am always hoping.  Hoping that finally, through no less than a miracle, we have THE signature required and we can move on.  One signature.  Again, I'm more than willing to fly to Addis with a suitcase of ink pens and personally deliver them to the director if this would help!  ✈️ ✏️ And yet, we remain waiting. We have a little glimpse of hope and moving forward in that the director verbally told our Bethany representative that he approved both cases.....but he still needs to sign off on them.  Not exactly sure why he doesn't sign them right on the spot and be done with it.  Perhaps a culture thing and different way of doing things (or not doing things!)? Anyway, they will try again next week and we will try to hang in there and keep our hopes up that it will indeed happen next week!
It is such an overwhelming comfort to have gotten this email from our social worker along with our Friday update.  I just had to share it:  

"Still hoping for THIS summer! :)
Committing to prayer this weekend over the heart of this director that God would move him to sign the girls' papers and have them ready Monday morning! I know this has been an incredibly hard and long road for your family and the girls have also been affected by the numerous delays we have come up against with your case, so I'm also praying just for the peace of The Spirit to wash over you all and provide you with comfort as we continue to work toward the girls' adoptions.  Hang in there!!!"

We are SO close and yet many obstacles remain.  Please join in praying our girls home!!  As our social worker suggests to pray "over the heart of the director".  May his heart be moved to complete the signing of the necessary documents for "T" and "B" so we can move to the next step in the Ethiopian adoption process.  It breaks me down to think of my daughters being affected by us not being able to come to them.  God knows I want to!!  God knows I'm trying to!!  My daughters, whom I love so deeply and can't wait to be a momma to, are waiting for God to move mountains and part waters.  I trust He can and is able!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Blessed, Haiti Trip & June pics

There are days when I just feel so blessed. I want to thank those of you who are faithful in praying for our family!  You are so important to us, we covet and truly feel your prayers!
At just the right time, God put it on your heart to pray, send an email or a card, make a phone call, text me, sit and talk with me (over a cup of java, of course!) or stop over.  Thank you for obeying the Holy Spirits nudge to support me/us in some way.  You know, it is always at the perfect time!  I've had many of these things happen in just the past couple weeks and it is overwhelming how God provides just what I need, just when I needed it.

This journey to bring "T" and "B" home has gone far longer than any of us had ever thought it would, and continues.   What I'm realizing through this process, is that God remains faithful in giving us just what we need, just when we need it.  He has put so many wonderful friends in our lives and I just can't imagine doing this without you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  

Nothing has changed in our adoption process and we remain waiting.  Life is difficult to plan.  It's sort of difficult to do life some days.  But, we decided we are going to do what we originally planned for the summer and that is sending Todd and Jordan on a week long mission trip to Haiti!  Jordan set it all up (except for purchasing the tickets - ha!) and they are helping at a medical clinic that sees sick and/or malnourished children.  I'm guessing that although this is what Jordan thinks she wants to do as a career some day, that it's been very difficult week.  I know she and Todd have gotten to love on many children, but the reason they come to the clinic is because they are not healthy in some way.  That's tough to see and it sounds like they've seen many, like over 80 babies in 6 hours!  I'm sure they'll have many stories and pictures to share.

Packed and ready to fly to Haiti!  
  They each packed super light so they could bring 3 large suitcases filled with donations to the clinic.  Love their hearts!! 

My girlies, chillin' in the hammock 
Last day of school!  WOOHOO!!  Jordan will be a Senior, Jesse in 8th Grade, Solomon in 4th Grade and Kyah will begin Pre-School

Sol, Kyah & Jesse are the first ones in our pool!
Kyah & Jesse.  Yes, Kyah is trying to mostly keep out of the cold water by hugging Jesse tight!
Jesse AKA the acrobat!  He is one amazing kid in life, and super fun to watch in motion!Note:  the deck, pool and trampoline strategically set in place where they can imagine what goes on here!  (don't tell our insurance agent!)
Love this pic!  This is Grandpa Lee and Kyah, doing barn chores for Todd while he's in Haiti.  Notice little Kyah following him closely, probably talking a mile a minute, dressed in her pink tutu swimsuit, pink hair bow and of course, pink cowboy boots! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Here's Hoping!

LOL!  Seriously trying to keep my sense of humor (and sanity!) with never seeming to get any other report than "we will try again next week".  Really should have labeled this blog post "Ditto".

Today's weekly report stated the following:

"..........and they are going to be visiting again on Monday to check and see if the final approval has been granted. The team say that they expect "good news soon", but they have not been able to narrow down a time.
It is hopeful news! Praying to start the next week off well! on Monday!"

Don't want to be upset with this continued news, so I take a sigh, give out a giggle (which tends to be sarcastic lately!) and wait again for another week to come.  Both Todd and I are doing ok.  Yes, this stinks!  However, we have great faith in our Creator, who is able. 

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,  according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Jesus Christ throughout all generations forever and ever!  Amen.  Ephesians 3:20 & 21

I know that He is allowing us to travel this journey for reasons that will glorify Him.  That's what keeps this all tolerable.  Knowing that He is THE one who has control, timing and my beautiful girls close to His side!