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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One YEAR ago today!!!!!

Amazing to entire year has gone by since we brought our precious little Ethiopian home forever!  As I write this and exactly one year ago and at this exact time, we were in the GR airport awaiting our welcome home from our dearest of family & friends!  When I think back to all the emotions of that day, it's still overwhelms me.  We waited for this little gift-of-a-girl for a long time and finally all of our prayers were answered as we welcomed the newest member into her awaiting family.  What a wonderful celebration of a day that was!  
Kyah was instantly "one of the family" in every way.  She has grown so much in so many ways.  She surprises us with her growth and intelligence when we think of her beginning; living for almost a year in an orphanage, being malnourished, giardia (more than likely!), no momma or pappa to call her own and most damaging, no one shared Christ with her.  
Today....this little curly-haired cutie is surrounded by those who absolutely adore her!  Her personality is shining through in wonderful ways and her vocabulary is enormous (is she trying to keep up with Solomon!?!)   

Some fun things about Kyah:
 * She claps and yells "yah!" every time the Chick-fil-A cow "moo's"
 * She is clunky!  She will put her arms gently up and tell herself to "slow down" ....usually after spilling    =)
 * Is an expert on the I-Pad.  She can unlock it, find Siri, and we have found her "talking" into it asking for it to find Luke Bryan!   lol
 * Yes, she still loves all of Luke Bryan's songs
 * Grampa Jack is about one of her favorite people
 * Will eat almost anything if she thinks it has cheese in it
 * Sings along with the Biggby Coffee advertisement
 * Recognized our street!  Even from a few miles down, when we turn onto it, she will announce "Kyah's road!" 
 * Gets crazy happy when Gabe comes home from college
 * Is always asking if we are going to church (where she finds Bo!)
 * Loves babies!  She will get a high pitched voice and say "oh, cute! A baby!, Pretty eyes"  (Especially baby Paige!)
 * Thanks God for everything.  Like when I gave her a donut she said "Oh, donut!  God made!  Thank You God!"
 * Counts like this...... 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 (the 7 sounds like: nigh-nighn)
 * Loves Ethiopia and Africa!  She recognizes the shape of the African continent and proclaims "Kyah, born, Africa, Airplane, Get Kyah home!"   

I talk about Africa and adoption with her all the time.  =)  I know she truly has no idea, but I want her to love Africa and Ethiopia.  I do!  And, I often think about what her bio-Ethiopian family is missing out by not being in her life.  It's hard to contemplate all of this.  Knowing that this is how God planned it,helps make it easier to accept.  Oh, how I love being momma to this little angel!  She is, as her name suggests, my diamond in the sky!!

First family vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge
Lovin' on her pappa!
Carrying her babydoll, Lulu, in her doll sling   =)
Dancing in Lake Michigan with big sister
Klaasen Girls
Solomon 7 1/2, Jesse 11 1/2, Kyah 2, Gabe 18 & Jordan 15
Subway picnic
Moving Gabe into dorm @ MSU

Kyah & big brother, Gabe
Playing with her friend, Luke    =)
Kyah's "Big Girl" chart for using the bathroom
Hanging out with Luke
Kyah riding shot-gun with Solomon