Help bring our girls home!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello to ALL our prayer warriors.  Our prayer request to was get a court date prior to courts closing.  So, what do we get because of all your faithful prayers?   A Court Date of AUGUST 14th!   (Of 2012 - ha!)  We actually need to be in-country on August 12th....that's 13 days from now!  We are beyond excited and in disbelief that things are happening so fast right now.  THANK YOU for all your prayers on our behalf and in praying little Kyah home!
I truly can not believe this is finally happening and ask that you continue to keep all of us in your prayers.
I'm busily getting flight plans arranged, travel visa paper-work figured out, switching all the upcoming appointments we already have made, etc...
Other exciting happenings are that Gabe and Jordan will be traveling with us and we are making plans to visit the child we sponsor through World Vision!  (Although this may be difficult with this late of notice).      

Whew!  Lots to accomplish, but with God all things are possible.  I need to focus on the most important thing right now and that is bringing Kyah home to be with her forever family.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Submitted to Court

 We were just notified that we were Submitted to Court!  That's a big deal and totally unexpected since we just received our referral a handful of days ago.  We got an email that began with "exciting news..."   I just love it when we get emails that begin like that!

There are many steps in an adoption process and we have many to go.  But this is great!
Right now, we are waiting for an assigned Court Date.  That's when Todd and I will go to Ethiopia and do their court work to legally adopt Kyah.  We have 2 trips to make and the court trip is the first.  The courts actually close for the months of August and September so we don't anticipate having a court date until October or November.  It would be wonderful to have a date set before they close just so we can prepare, get airfare, and just take care of things at home.  If we aren't able to get a court date before courts close in August that means we probably won't know a date until October.  I function a lot better when I'm organized and knowing the date now verses in October would make things a lot less stressful for a momma of almost 5!

Specific prayer requests....we'd ask that you pray for us to get a court date set before the courts close!      

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


         Kyah Gracelin Marie Klaasen
   We are not allowed to post her picture yet, but are excited to share her name!  We decided to pick an American name for her, well, sort of.  We were relying on the hope that she'd come with an Ethiopian name that was easy to pronounce and spell.  Since that was not the case, we have been going over our ever growing girl-name-list.  We seriously had over 20 names on it!  
     After we realized that Kyah is actually an African name...that was it!  The name has been at the top of our list and the fact that it's origin is from where hers began, it seemed like the perfect fit!  
Kyah means "diamond in the sky".  And that is what she is to us, our little gem!   
We've always loved the name Grace but didn't feel we could "use" that same name that so many of our friends have chosen.  We added the "lin" part since it's a strong family name.  (My mom, "Lin", my middle name "Lynn" and Jordan's middle name jack"lin").  And, Marie we just always liked.  Very feminine.  Actually my dad began calling our little girl "Mary" months ago when he referred to her, thinking that we would continue naming our kids Bible names! 

That's her.  Kyah Gracelin Marie Klaasen!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

All is Well

We just received an update and all is well!  She is alert, maintaining a stable weight, drinking her milk well and she is doing fine.  Her lab work from the hospital is looking OK except for her anemia issue.  They started her on a med for that.  We just need to get her home and feed her some Klaasen beef!! 
Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement.
This is another situation where all I can do as a momma is leave it to God. I want to be in control.  Be there to hold her while she gets her blood drawn.  Be her advocate while she's in the hospital.  Hold her while she's not feeling well.  I can't right now, but one day, God willing, I will be the one to physically be there for her!  Until that day, I'm leaving it up to my more than capable Savior! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear Jesus, please hold her close....

We were just informed that our little girl is extremely sick.  I got a brief email with details that she's dehydrated and showing anemia.  She's lost 3 lbs from her already small frame.  Today she was evaluated and sent to a hospital.  
Right now, I'm assuming she's there and being treated.  Please pray that this is the case.  Pray that God will send his angels to watch over her and hold her close.  
Satan is fighting so hard right now, I can feel it.  He WILL be defeated!  
I ask that you pray in Jesus Holy and Precious Name that He heal her, give her strength and comfort her.  
I would fly to her side in a heart beat right now.  This is tough knowing that my daughter is suffering and there's nothing I can do to help.  Please join me in praying for our darling little girl.  God is in control and God is Good in all circumstances. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a day of celebration!!  TODAY we got our referral!!!!!   PRAISE GOD and PRAISE GOD!!!!!  Words can not tell you our excitement over at the Klaasen home!  Not sure if I need to continue screaming, crying, laughing...guess I better try to remember how to breath right now!  
She is gorgeous!  Beautiful, so beautiful!  She just turned one and is very tiny.  Can't wait to share pictures someday. 
She was recently moved to a Bethany orphanage in a different city.  Please pray for her as she transitions to yet another change in her young life. Oh, we just thank God for carrying us through as we are nearing 21 months of wait time.  
We thank you for you continued support and prayers.
This is THE best Friday the 13th ever!!!!!!!!