Help bring our girls home!

Friday, October 30, 2015

AHHHH! God is so good!!

WooHoo!  So, so much to update.....first, I need to apologize for not updating since we've gotten back.  Lots of excuses; jet lag, catching up with my kids, laundry, meals, etc...then, repeat....

We literally had entire days without electricity or any kind of Internet in country, so nothing I tried to publish went thru.  I intend to load pictures soon and are they beautiful....meaning our beautiful girls and beautiful Ethiopia.

We were blessed with 4 visits with our darlings!  This is more than we thought we'd get, so were delighted!  We arrived in Addis on a Friday morning and by 5 pm that day we had seen them!  Talk about AMAZING!!  I literally ran to them and hugged them close.  Wow!  All the months of waiting and there they were in our arms.  They took us to their room where we talked thru the interpreting help of their social worker.  They immediately took to Jesse!  They were laughing together and joking around like they knew him forever.  They were a bit shy, but really loosened up quickly and with each visit.  By the 3rd visit, "T" was teasing Jesse and grabbing his baseball cap and telling him it was now hers.  "B" and Jesse had a stuffed animal war and she was joking that her name was Jesse.  :) We found they relied on the help of their interpreter when he or she was with, but really did fine without. They were both unsure of their English around us at first, but that changed quickly and with each visit.  Thinking of when they get home and how much growth in their English language we are sure to see.

Both are very good students and wanted to show us their school books, that are full of little stickers apparently for a job well done.  They are very proud of their school work.  "T" read aloud to us both in Ahmaric and English and is SO stinkin' cute when she laughs and crinkles up her nose!  Every time, without fail!, "B" would start giggling and end up falling over on her bed!  So cute!!  Both have a great sense of humor, as do all the kiddos at their orphanage.

We spent a lot of time with them, but also with their little buddies at the orphanage.  Again, Jesse was a huge hit!  He was loving on all of them.  We joked with them, hugged them, talked with them and spent time just looking in all those beautiful dark eyes and loving them.  Oh, it was better than we could have ever dreamed!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


We are officially a family of 9!  The judge approved the paperwork on Tuesday, and the adoption is finalized!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Getting closer!

Since it's really too early to pack, the one thing that I am able to do right now is get our donations prepared!   And oh, is that a fun thing to do! I have had a lot of the stuff set aside for months now, and finally put it in suitcases to deliver to Ethiopia.  Mainly clothing, lots of shoes and bed sheets. My brother-in-law has connections to very inexpensive Children's Tylenol and  Ibuprofen, as well as cold medicines which are all things that will for sure be used in an orphanage setting. And thanks to my friend Chris, we have lots of new packages of children's clothing and many school supplies!  One really cool product that is hand-made locally, are washable feminine hygiene products. I just think these are a fantastic pattern idea and cannot wait to teach the nurse about how they are to be used, handled and washed.  Have a feeling that these are going to be an invaluable product to many women!

At this point, I have three large suitcases containing 50 pounds of donations each.  Can't wait to hand deliver them very soon!

I am "nesting" big-time!  I have most everything in my house organized and gone through. (Even the boys closet -- Yikes!) Doing this feels so good and helps me to release some of my energy and seems like the only thing I am able to have control over and do right now.  I am sure that my other five children will help me keep things neat and organized - hahaha!  Just read a quote that went something like: trying to keep your house clean while you have kids, is like raking leaves in a hurricane.  LOL

My husband, well ... his energy release is building a barn!  He  completed it this past week and plans to have our pastured calves in it this week!  So on top of him working his full-time job and having our calf business -- he built a barn in his spare time!  Over-achiever!  Our boys helped him some, as did family and friends when it was time to pour the cement, but mainly he did it all himself. He is my Mr. Incredible!