Help bring our girls home!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What will they think?.

Our girls don't know we exist.  I feel like I am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out that they have been told.  Because they are of age to understand what adoption means, the social workers in Ethiopia feel that it is best to wait to let them know until the time gets closer for us to come get them.  At first I was thinking "tell them!  Don't wait!" Now, however, I'm realizing why they choose to wait to let them know.

The process will take many months yet and if they know about us now, and we wait months and months to come get them, they will begin to loose trust in us already.  So...we wait to tell them.  Seems like the word "wait" appears often in adoption processes.  But, I totally understand this.  I have asked, if it seems appropriate, to video the social worker letting them know that they have a family and have been chosen! That someone loves them and wants them to be a part of their lives!  

How will they react?  Excited?  Scared?  Confused?  Probably all of the above. We've been told that all children at the orphanage see strangers arrive and take their friends and they know that those kids will now have families.  And, that every child wants it to be "their turn".  Although they don't know what all of this will exactly look like, they all want it to be for them.  

In our April update of the girls, "B" actually asked her social worker if they thought that someone would adopt "T" and herself together?  ....interesting question from her.  =)  Makes me wonder if they do know more than what we think they do.

I'm just so excited for both of them to have hope.  I see pictures of smiles on their faces and they seem to really being taken care of well.  However, at the end of the day, they are still in an orphanage.  I want them to have the hope of a future with a family that will love them forever.  I can not wait to look into their eyes, cup their face with my hands and say "YOU are now mine!"