Help bring our girls home!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Count Down!!!

Oh!  Sometimes I can hardly stand it!  The excitement of meeting my daughters for the first time is overwhelming to even dream about!  Meeting these 2 beautiful angels who I have loved and been chosen to parent for over 18 months.  Emotional, to say the least.  I already have my water-proof mascara, but will try to keep it together since I don't want to scare them!  Ha!  Imagine meeting a strange woman, whom you're supposed to call mom.... Who is sobbing all over you!  Yikes.  Yes, I will try to keep it together.

Just a few more weeks and this will all happen.  Whew!  We are on a huge count down and so are our girlies in Addis.  I keep trying to imagine what is going thru their minds.  Do they fully comprehend what they are leaving?  Do they fully comprehend what they are gaining?  Some days, most days actually, I have a hard time processing all of this.  All I know is that I long, with everything in my heart!, to bring these girls into their forever family and home!

Let the Count Down continue!   

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Faithfulness throughout this past year!

As I write this post, I am reminded of where I was exactly one year ago today and at this time.  I was sitting in the emergency room at DeVos children's hospital with my sweet daughter Jordan, who was about to begin a journey that none of us had ever experienced before. We have all had sicknesses, been through surgeries, ER visits,  etc.... but nothing would compare to what was happening at this very moment one year ago, at this exact time, to my darling daughter.

After much testing it became clear that Jordan had idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP).....which she later joked about getting because she used to go TP-ing all the time,  ha!
This is a platelet condition and for Jordan it meant that her own body was destroying its platelets which resulted in her bloods inability to clot.  As you can imagine, every little bump turned into a huge black and blue mark which was the indicator that there were problems.  We praise God that her condition was ITP and nothing worse.

Looking back, we had four difficult months on this journey with biweekly lab draws, 3 failed medications before a low dose of chemotherapy helped.  And we praise God that we did find a medicine that would work for her blood! 

Through it all, this little trooper of a girl, rarely lost her hope and faith that through the situation , God was teaching her and growing her into what she will become someday!

Yes, September 22 will be always a very important day in all of our lives!  We praise God that Jordan has now had several months of remission from her ITP and our prayer is that she stays this way forever!! 
God has proved Himself once again to be our steadfast Guide and we give Him all the praise for restoring our Jordan back to health!