Help bring our girls home!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 12

We want to thank each of you who prayed for our dear friends who were struggling with their Ethiopian adoption referral wait.  On February 12...they got it!!  
After 25 1/2 months of waiting they are now able to look into the eyes of their darling little boy's picture!  Oh, is he ever a cutie! Once again, God pulled them through their valley as they longed for news of him.  Their process of waiting continues as a court date will be assigned, but they are feeling so very blessed to be chosen to parent this little angel!

Thank you so much for crying out on their behalf.  I ask that you continue to remember in prayers all those who are waiting to bring their newest family members home forever.  My friends Kerri, Carmen and Lisa are all in the long waiting time right now.
God bless each of you.  Your prayers are being heard!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I miss

I am feeling a bit sentimental.  I am blessed beyond what I deserve in life, and yet, I miss.  I fell in love with Ethiopia in so many wonderful ways.  You know what it's like when you visit a place and just really, really like it?  Well, it is more, so much more than that.  My sweet little daughter's life began there.  Her Ethiopian family is there.  Part of my heart remains there.  I miss it!  

We look through our photo's and video's from our 2 trips often.  I wish I was there to hear their accents, see their expressions, watch them herding their animals in the streets  =)  , admire their determination, taste new and delicious foods, sip their macchiato's, be encouraged by Burtikan, climb all those marble steps at the guesthouse, see their amazing mountainous views, visit with the homeless, parent less children at the feeding program,  even (gulp) be chauffeured around their crazy roads.  Our trips to Ethiopia will remain some of the best times in our lives!  AND, our lives will forever be changed because of them.  

God is faithful.  God is able.  God is good, all the time!

Some of our special friends in Ethiopia:

Our Ethiopian Family

Todd, Carrie & Firew just before heading out to pick up Kyah!
The Morning Coffee Guesthouse with Burtikan & Nasibu

We were fortunate and blessed on both trips to have a wonderful Christian man named Firew (pronounced Fray-O) be our Bethany guide.  On one excursion, we were at the top on Mt. Toto, which over looks Addis Ababa, and asked if we could video him saying his famous phrase "God is good, all the time".  Not only did he say it for us, he sang it!  It is a treasure to me.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The way that I'm feeling.....

I realize that this is for an animal adoption, but I couldn't resist! :)