Help bring our girls home!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tickets and JOY!!

WooHoo!  We have our court trip tickets purchased and already know that we are able to visit with our daughters a few times during the trip!  Praise God!  This just seems so amazing to finally be talking court trip plans!  The Ethiopian Team is being very accommodating and more importantly, are working to support our girls in every way!  Love working with Bethany!

And....  Our girls know we are coming!!

We received update videos, pictures and what the girls reactions were to finding out that we are coming!  Their social worker agreed with our idea to show them a calendar with the date circled that we will arrive and have them cross out days until we come!  Again, love working with Bethany, they are great!  This is what "B" and "T's" social worker wrote:

August 24, 2015
The calendar is so much more than a gift for B and T. We have discussed the calendar together and they keep it in their room, next to T's banking bed. October X is circled and T cross out the current day and we count the days together until October X. I have told them that their family will visit them before October X probably over the week end. It is only X days! YAY. They were so excited and very happy. They were curious to know when they will travel with their family and I told them they might have to wait 4-6 weeks after court hearing. I have seen a big smile and relived feeling over their faces. They were shouting, giggling, laughing, hugging and kissing. They were so so happy. B was very happy for the birthday wish and to see you all together blowing out for the candles. I am also happy to see them smiling. 

Amazing!  It feels like we know them and their personalities with how well informed Bethany keeps us.  After watching the 5 videos, both Todd and I said that our daughter (the one who has been struggling with this wait) is back! There is JOY on both of their faces!  As if a huge weight is lifted.  Which it probably is.  Knowing that we are keeping our word, we are real and are REALLY COMING to see them!!  

Friday, August 14, 2015

Birthday & the "Next Step"

Today is "B's" birthday!  The day is here and we celebrate her life from afar!  I thank Jesus for her and for her Ethiopian parents who chose life!  What a gift!  Our little "honey-B" celebrates today and so do we!  Thank you God for taking care of her and loving on her on this special day!

August 14, as I've said before, is my favorite day!  Not only is it my "honey-B's" birthday, it's also the day we went to Ethiopia for our court day (3 years ago) and Kyah became an official Klaasen!  Lots of wonderful things happen on this day!

So, as I stated in my previous post.... "Next step.....Court Date in Ethiopia!!"  
well, guess what!?!  WE GOT OUR COURT DATE!!!

Not sure this has really sunk in yet, but we are thru all processes and have an official date in October to travel for court!  Praise Jesus!!  We feel so amazingly blessed to finally be at this point!  And, although it's a delay due to their rainy season closure, it feels good to be anticipating travel and finally getting to meet our daughters!  WooHoo!!  

Please continue to pray that this continued time of separation is healthy for all of us.  The delays have certainly taken their toll and we ask for prayers for our "honey-B" and "sweet-T" as they process the knowledge of us coming in a couple months and meeting their adoptive mom and dad for the first time.  The anticipation must be overwhelming, I know it is for me just thinking about it!  May God give us all peace throughout the final steps in these adoptions.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I am thrilled to announce that we received our Federal Approval today!! WOOHOO!!  This is huge and we witnessed God moving mountains and parting waters for us today!  Doing the happy-dance tonight!
                           Thank You JESUS!    

Next step.....Court Date in Ethiopia!!