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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kyah turned 2!

We had a great time celebrating Kyah's 2nd birthday the end of June!  She would sing "happy to you" all day with a smile on her face.  =)  It truly was a special time being with her on her birthday this year!  

wasn't so sure what to do with everyone singing and looking at her!

Didn't take her long to figure out what to do with her birthday cupcake!
Our family creating a ceiling tile at Africa's Child, for adopting a child from Africa!
(It's right up front by the check-out, take a look!)
Picking up Jesse after Camp sweet!
Summer family picture
Klaasen grandchildren with grampa & grama (and one is missing!)
the 2013 Klaasen gang!
picnic time at Timber Town
Fun time playing!
Todd's parents went on a hot air balloon ride (their 3rd time!) for their 52nd Anniversary and his mom's 80th birthday!!
This is THE best!!
Kyah really likes the pool!  She's brave and jumps long as not too much water splashes on her face.  If it does, she yells "towel!"
Yes, Jesse is rip-sticking holding Kyah.  He's really coordinated or I would never let this happen!
Kyah and her friend Joseph relaxing in our hammock
Lots of fun pool days! Our friend Kelli and her 2 boys, Charlie & Joseph, from TN, came for a visit and we spend a day together which involved LOTS of swimming!
Kyah decided that she no longer needed to be carried while we jumped on the trampoline!
Finishing Todd's Big Gulp while getting more trampoline time.  Good multi-tasker!
Luke is home!!!  These are our friends, Brett & Robin, whom I have been asking you to pray for!  They returned home on 7/20/13 with their newest addition!  He is precious and it was a WONDERFUL airport welcome!  Thanks for all your prayers on bringing this little honey into the arms of his forever family!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Time to update!!

Gonna update with photo's:

Little Ethiopian-Dutch girl
Future Luke Bryan keyboard player
Walking with papa & momma

playground fun!
My happy-grocery-store-helper
picnic time at Centennial Park
Uncle Kirk & Kyah
Lunch with gramp, gram & Kirk
Ready for Gabe's Graduation Open House/18th B-day Party!
Having fun with Bo-Friend

Gabe at HHS Graduation with Jordan
Loves being outside, especially helping papa Todd on the bobcat
Styling and ready to mow lawn with mom!
Kyah brushing Jordan's hair.  Jordan says this is the sister she always wanted!
John Ball Park Zoo day with Gramma Linny
Kyah loves her Jesse
fell asleep during lunch  =)
Playing with our new kittens.
Grace & Kyah playing with a cell phone....who can talk the most????
Kyah and her friend Gavin who we just happen to run into at the ice cream shop...often!!

Our Summer is going great!  Gabe is working and filling his bank account for upcoming MSU.  Jordan got her driving permit and I'm being chauffeured everywhere these days.  Jesse is at Camp Geneva and recently decided that he's ready to make profession of faith!  He'll begin meeting with his mentor soon.  Solomon is busy (as I type!) making crafts.  I can hear tape being used and he's usually making some sort of Iron Man costumes.   =)  Kyah just turned 2 this past Saturday!  Pictures of that special day to come in the near future.

Since I updated last, we rejoice with our friends Brett & Robin who have traveled to Ethiopia with their 3 kids for Ethiopian court!  It was a great trip for them and they officially adopted little "T" and are submitted to Embassy and should be traveling back to bring him home in the next few weeks!  Thanks to all of you who prayed for them and please continue to do so!  And for my friends, Lisa, Kerri and Carmen, remember them as their wait continues.

We have friends whose little boy, Erick, was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  Please pray for him as he has been and will remain hospitalized for weeks.  Pray that a bone-marrow match will happen quickly and that he will remain strong and healthy during chemo, upcoming surgery and recovery time.  

**Although it's only been a day since I posted this, much has happened!!!

Brett & Robin got an email from the US Embassy this morning inviting them to set a date and come get their little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!  Plans are being set for a date in the next 2 weeks.  Praise to God!!!

AND, Erick's oldest sister is a match for being a bone-marrow donor!  Can you believe it!?!  They were told there was only a 25% chance of a sibling being a match and, Praise to God!, she is!  Lots of things about to happen for this family.  Thankfully they are at a fantastic hospital and in the best place God's Almighty Hands!!