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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day thoughts....

As you can imagine this was an extra special Mother's Day for me!  I smile and LOL just thinking of how things have "played out" in my life.  My mom is one of the most important people in the world to me and I was reminded often in the past few weeks just how blessed I am to have her!

Gabe is about to graduate, Jordan will soon take drivers training, Jesse will end elementary school, Solomon will move on to 2nd grade and Kyah learns and amazes us more each day!  I can not imagine my life without one of these super special kiddo's!  Knowing that I was chosen by God to be their mother is a pure honor!

Shortly after we were matched with Kyah last summer, my friend, Myrna, forwarded an adoption blog that she follows.  In it, the adoptive mother wrote a wonderful poem that touched my heart.  I thought about that many times and decided that I needed to write one similar and make it my own.  I certainly am no poet (unlike my dad) but I feel that now is a perfect time to share.  I have only shared this with Todd and Myrna, until now.  When I wrote it, I was thinking about Kyah's biological mom.  The love that I feel towards both she and Kyah's bio-dad grows when I think about the complete sacrifice they made so that she could survive.  Unfortunately, we were unable to meet them face-to-face while in Ethiopia, however, I know that someday I will meet them....       

Pure Religion 

What was I doing that day?  Did I realize, deep within me, that that day was something special?  Something special happening so far away, but yet would impact me so close.  Did you know what was happening?  Were you able to be with someone who cared about what you were going through?  A family was created.  A family that was for a moment.  But not meant to be.

What was it like to look down at her beautiful little brown face?  Does she resemble you?  Did she cry?  Did you cry?  What was I doing that day?
Perhaps making breakfast for my kids.  Going through the many choices and having them decide what they wanted.  Making plans for the day, which would include an afternoon in our pool.  Did you have enough to eat that day?  Were you scared?  Did you cradle that babe in your arms tightly, knowing that it wasn't meant to be?

Oh, how I thank you for giving her life!  I'm sure it wasn't easy!  Probably no doctor, perhaps no roof over your head.  You could have ended things for her.  I'm so grateful you didn't!  I thank you that you gave her a second chance at life.  Are you able to have a second chance at life now, too?

Humbly, I will give her everything that you were not able to.  I will smother her with all the love and affection I can.  I will raise her as I do my blond haired, blue eyed babes.  I will show her no difference, since she in now my own.  With joy I celebrate her little life!  I adopt because I am adopted.  I am adopted into Christ's family.  His holy chosen people and I will raise this little one to know Him so saves.

written by Carrie, adoptive mother

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this; to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27