Help bring our girls home!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

5 Weeks with Kyah home!

It's been 5 weeks with Kyah home with us.  In many ways, it feels like she's always been here.  She fits in with our family perfectly...just as God planned.  Her personality shines brighter each day and we are amazed at what she has accomplished!  She seems to understand us so well and follows simple instructions.  Her vocabulary consists of; momma, poppa, Gabe,  hot, hi and poop.  (She plugs her nose to let us know she has a dirty diapers!  ha!)  She gives hugs and kisses, knows how to blow kisses, is ticklish, likes being outside, waves to our cows, climb up steps (thank you Gabe!), loves playing with her siblings, plays peek-a-boo, likes dropping food to our dog, Bree, and enjoys being the center of attention!   ...a very well deserved place for a little girl who just became part of a family!

I am so thankful to our family and friends who have accepted her and love on her.  I watched our extended family with her on Thanksgiving and it just warmed my heart.  Cousins were laughing with her, carrying her, playing with her and just welcoming her into our family.  What a fun life to suddenly have 10 cousins!  Adoption is not a new thing for our family, but it was incredibly sweet to see Aunts, Uncles, cousins and grandparents loving their new little Ethiopian relative.  
Helping me sweep the floor
First ride on our lawn mower
Kyah loves to hear Grampa Jack sing
Good Morning hugs from Jesse
Sharing a latte' with big sister   =)
Playing with her friend, Grace
Solomon helping her ride her bike
Looking at herself in the mirror wearing her tankini   =)

We are having SO much fun having this little one around!! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life with Kyah

Kyah and a nanny ready for the orphanage "goodbye" ceremony
With our new little daughter finally in our arms again.....
We joyfully leave her orphanage!!!!!!
Kyah at home and in her new crib.
LOVES to look at herself in the mirror!  =)
Checking out her new baby-dolls.
How could I ever say no to those big, brown eyes!!?!
Enjoying her first Zeeland Bakery donut!   yummmm
Bree and Kyah are buds!
She loves music, dancing and playing our piano.
Kyah is usually found her chair...eating!  She has gained an entire pound in 3 weeks!
Trick-or-treating with Jesse and Solomon!
She fits in her toy shopping cart which her brothers push her around in.  =)
All cleaned up after her bath and ready for the day.

Our 3 weeks with Kyah home have been so much fun!  She is such a little sweetie and has a wonderful sense of humor.  She sleeps through the night and eats through the day.  LOL!  She gained an entire pound since she's been home (that's a lot for her little body!)  She's now on the charts at 2.67% in weight and 0.05% in height.  Hooray that she's on them now!

Makes me think of all the little ones who remain in orphanages and don't have good nutrition and will never make it on "the charts".  How is this fair?  My heart rejoices for Kyah and that she can eat whatever and whenever she desires.  There was a time (just 31 days ago) that Kyah could not.  She was given a specific amount at each meal and had to eat quickly while she had the nanny's attention.

What about all those that don't eat until their tummies are full? 
What about those that don't have their nanny's attention or don't have anyone's attention?

Oh, thank you God for giving Kyah a family and hope in life!  Thank You, Father, that You chose us to be that family for her and teach her about the hope that can only be found in You!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Following God's plan for my life has placed me in a mountain-top experience!  As I watch this little 16 month old wobble around our home, I just thank God for all we've been through to get her home.
When we started our paper-work with Bethany Christian Services about 28 months ago, Kyah was not even conceived yet!  Just to think that we had this idea of adding to our family through the blessed gift of adoption and God was just creating her half a world away!  AMAZING!  That her biological parents had to go through some major sacrifices and unfathomable experiences for us to parent her just boggles my mind.  So many things had to work out so perfectly for all this to happen.  And, God did just that!  He, only He, worked in our hearts so that we could hear His calling for us to adopt.  He has made it so clear that this tiny little child needs to be raised in our home.  I don't think I've ever felt more sure of anything else than I have going through this adoption process.
Yes, it took a very long time for it to happen.  Looking back, that's just what I needed.  Not wanted, but needed.  My reliance on God and the growth of my faith during this journey have blossomed.  I know that I couldn't have done this without Him.  
Both Todd and I are humbled that God chose us to be Kyah's parents.  It is an honor and we are so privileged to do so!