Help bring our girls home!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time goes fast when you're having fun!

Kyah's been home with us officially for 6 months now!  For an entire 1/2 year already!!  It still feels like she's been with us from her very first breath.  Sometimes I think about the 15 months that I've missed with her, time that I'll never get back.  But, let me tell you...we're making up for it now! 
Oh, this little girl is changing!  She is so social.  I keep joking that she will be the perfect girl to be on a float in a parade.  All she wants to do is say "hi" to people, wave and blow kisses.  Like the teller at the bank who gave her a sucker and she says in a very large voice "bye" and then blows  him a kiss.  =)  She has made it all the way through 2 church services (that's a big step for an almost 22 month old!) and loves wandering around church greeting people.   Hey, she could be the official welcomer there!  LOL  She absolutely loves living on our farm.  She begs to get her coat and shoes on to go out and visit our calves, goats, bunnies and cats.  She has no fear of any of the animals and tries to feed and touch each of them.  Never would have believed we'd have an Ethiopian farm girl around here!  =)  
Although I haven't had her weighed lately, I can see that she's growing.  She's outgrowing some clothes and getting taller.  Her little feet are still a size 2 - 3.  Her hair is about 4 inches long and curls up tight when wet.  I've been coming up with new hair styles and am enjoying working with those beautiful little curls of hers.  She's got great dimples and is such a happy little girl.  Can't wait to see what she'll think of our pool this summer.  I'm guessing it won't take her long to jump in like the rest of the kiddo's!
She absolutely loves her brothers and sister!  She just squeals when they get home from school.  She "talks" on the phone all the time.  When it's really Todd calling, she talks and talks to him like a little adult.  (wonder where she gets that from ??)  She always wants her nails painted and has even sweet-talked Todd and her grampa Jack into painting them for her.   =)  She is fascinated with bugs and, at this point, isn't scared to pick up worms.  ha!  She drags Jordan to our computer and says "buke, buke"  meaning Luke Bryan.  She dances like crazy to his music videos!  And, her favorite food is still cheese!  =)
Family happenings;  Todd and I recently celebrated our 22 wedding anniversary, Jesse and Solomon were in Little Hawks wrestling, Jordan and Jesse had their 7th and 2nd piano recital and we're getting ready for Gabe's graduation!  Love this family and am so thankful for each one of them!

Can't wait for a ride on the gator!
wants to see every calf
They're so cute she even kisses them!
Kyah poses with her John Deere
Jesse & Solomon at their wrestling tournament
Loves books and being read to
EASTER at the Klaasen's
Grampa Jack painting nails (his very first attempt!)
I found her playing in her empty bath tub
Coloring with Solomon
   God is good, all the time!!