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Friday, March 22, 2013

Baptized in the Name of the Father....

Kyah was baptized during a wonderfully themed orphan service a couple of weeks ago.  She did really well and it was a special day for our family!
Grampa Lee prayed for her and for us as we raise her in a Christian home.  Grampa Jack sang "Lullaby of Love" to her (the same song he sang for all 5 of his grandchildren now!)   Todd and I told about our adoption journey and how God totally had this all planned according to His purpose for all of our lives.  We were also able to share about how each one of us, as Christians, are called to care for orphans.  Yes, that may take us out of our "comfort zones" but if we truly do what God wants us to do, we may have to "get dirty".  Our good friend, Lisa, shared about the new orphan fund that our church recently began.  Hooray, that our church has this vision and can now help families in this way!  And finally, Tom, a representative from God's Littlest Angel's in Haiti, spoke and raised awareness of the needs they face each day.  He has a blog, check it out at:
Jordan created a fantastic video that was played during the service and it went through all the events that took place during our wait to bring Kyah home.  I treasure that video and watch it often!
After the service, we celebrated with family and special friends.  It was such an amazing day for all of us and we owe it all to the One in charge!

Grampa Lee praying for Kyah

Grampa Jack singing "Lullaby of Love"

Kyah joined Todd & I on stage
Lookin' good, Solomon!!
Couldn't have done it without my "girls!"
Love, love my girls!!
 We praise God for uniting us with Kyah and being able to parent her!  She is a precious little gift and our prayer would be that others find this much happiness in what the world considers to be "the least of these".  As the song goes; "if not us, who will be like Jesus to the least of these?"