Help bring our girls home!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

One more step before we can get a court date set.  Yes, we were through all the processes, however, things changed earlier this month and now the Bethany Ethiopian team is scrambling to retrieve the original documents on all papers instead of photo copies. All these, we are told, will be collected and presented to the appropriate people on December 3rd.

OK, our prayer is that all the papers are in fact the correct ones and that it's a simple approval.  We ask God to soften the hearts of those who have authority over the girls cases.  We pray we will hear the results from this soon after and that we are cleared to get a court date set up!

Courts will close in January for a few weeks and if we don't get a court date set before closure, it will be delayed for weeks. 

On a much brighter note.....we got an update on our 2 beautiful girls this afternoon!  Our family recorded a video of all of us explaining who we are and a little greeting for them.  Their social worker showed them the video and while they watched it, they were being recorded for us to see their reactions!  It is priceless!!  Oh my!  They are so sweet and keep asking when we are coming.

Dear Lord,
You alone are in control!  Our hope and faith are in You and we know you can move mountains and care about these girls.  If it be Your will, we ask that you allow the process to be approved soon and allow us to travel before court closure.  Love and watch over these 2 darlings and bring us to them soon.  Amen.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Update and Thank You

Just an update; first of all, thanks for all the prayers for Jordan!  We have a visit with her hematologist in 3 days and will hopefully get some more answers.  We pray that her platelets can remain stable, even if low is stable.  She continues to feel well and we are so thankful for that!

Secondly, as you know, the next step in our adoption processes are getting a court date for us to travel.  There have been some additional changes made in this process recently.  Please pray that the paperwork is all easily obtained and we "pass" and get a court date before the end of the year!  With God ALL things are possible and we truly hold this to be true!  We earnestly pray that we are able to travel soon.

We are sincerely amazed when thinking that less than one year ago, we were sensing the call to adopt again.  At that time, not knowing that God was wanting for us to adopt 2 older children.  God has been working at changing our hearts and minds, since adopting an older child was something I said I would never, ever do.  God has a wonderful sense of humor!  I am totally in love with 2 children who I have never met and long to call my own.

When we began this process, we were planning on one child, not two.  Not quite sure how we were going to afford another adoption, but believed that if God wanted this to happen that He would find a way.  Praise The Lord, He certainly has!  

We want to thank each and everyone who has supported us financially for these adoptions!  For those who supported us through the LifeSong account, privately, the grants we received and through the Rada cutlery fund raiser (thanks, Cindy!) God has provided abundantly and has left us truly amazed at how He provides for what He cares about!