Help bring our girls home!

Friday, September 19, 2014

God makes me smile!

Although nothing has changed with the details of the "one missing paper and signature" situation that we found out about yesterday....Wow! today is amazing!!

Just got a call from our social worker in GR and she said the team in Ethiopia contacted her this morning. They want our permission to tell the girls about us today!!   I'm literally screaming and crying over here!  This is such great news since we originally were told that they couldn't tell the girls about us until we completed this PAIR process (you know, the one with the missing paper and signature!)  Anyway, I'm reassured that the social workers in Ethiopia feel it's appropriate timing to tell them and that time is TODAY.

My first question is that since we are not through with PAIR and it could now take much longer to complete, is it good to tell them and have them wait for us now that they know we exist.  My social worker said "we are fighting tooth and nail to get this process finalized!"

I just want to say that adopting is far more emotional for me than any pregnancy I've ever experienced!!

And, God has such an amazing presence.  Yesterday's news was tough.  Today, look at what He did!  He surprised 2 darlings with the news that they have a family! 

Thanks so each of you who lifted this up in prayer.  YOU make a huge difference!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


I feel crushed right now.  We had heard that things went well with the parent/guardian interview 2 weeks ago and I inquired with the US Embassy as to when we would get our official clearance.  Well, we got an email from them this morning stating that they are unable to move forward at this point and are need ONE additional paper signed.  Big deal, right!?  Well, apparently it is a big deal to obtain.  

The Ethiopian team has known about this particular form for months and have been trying to get it and get it signed by the appropriate authority.  It's from a difficult place to travel to and the person who needs to sign it isn't always available or even there.  Our social worker said it's "literally one signature that is keeping us from moving forward."

Oh, why does Satan do this!?  Well, I guess I do know why!  He is trying with all his might to keep these girls from being in a loving Christian family.  God has proved over and over through these adoption processes that HE alone is in control!  Right now, I need to focus on the fact that my God is a lot more powerful than one signature on a piece of paper!  He can do this and I have a big feeling He will amaze me as He always does!!

I would ask you to join in praying that this form we are waiting for is obtained, signed and we can move along smoothly and quickly into the next step!  Thanks for your continued prayers and support.  It means so much and especially to 2 beautiful girls who need a mom and dad!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

HUGE step!

We found out today that the parent/guardian interview took place as scheduled on 9/4/14.  Both of the girls parents/guardian's arrived and the word is that it "went well"!  HOORAY!!  This is a huge step.  Nothing official, just a portal message at this point.  Waiting for the legal papers from the US immigration, then it's onto court!

Thanking God for His continued faithfulness...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

P.A.I.R process nearly complete!

The P.A.I.R Process (pre-adoption immigration review) is coming down to the final step.  I am asking for prayers on Thursday, September 4 at 7:30 am Ethiopia time, that's 12:30am our time.  Our girls parent/guardian interview is scheduled with the US Embassy in Ethiopia.  Both girls cases will be heard that morning.  When this is complete, we are basically finished with the pre-processes.  

Next step, we will receive a confirmation via email from the USCIS (immigration) that we've passed and will be allowed to set up a court date.  That means sometime after mid-October our girls parent/guardians will travel for Ethiopian court and complete their part of relinquishing the girls.  Then, we will get a court date to travel!  Typically this is 3-5 weeks after parent/guardian court, but because courts are closed right now, we are told there will be a backup.

So.....we are seeing some amazing progress!  This PAIR process used to take 4 months now just a couple.  Praise to God!

Please pray that there are no issues that arise, errors in paper work found or more translation difficulties on the morning of 9/4/14.  That's less than 2 days away!  I'd be lying if I didn't say it is a bit unnerving because it is always possible that their parent/guardian could change their minds.  They absolutely have that right.  

My selfish side wants them (the parents and guardians) to show up, sign off and be done.  Deep down, however, I know it would be best for both girls to remain with family, remain in Ethiopia and never have known hurt.  Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in.  There is sin, there is pain, there is loss, there is suffering.  No child should have to be without a mommy and daddy.  God willing we are going to take 2 beautiful little girls out of that scenario and show them what a family's love looks like.