Help bring our girls home!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Sweeties

It has already been 2 months since we've been matched with our girls!  I realize we have months on wait ahead of us, but this seems to be going really fast.  Praying that our time apart continues to feel this same way.

I want so badly to post pictures of them and share details, we are, however, not allowed to do that at this point.  We can not share names or ages, but I will tell you that we are adopting out of birth order with both of them and I will refer to them as "T" and "B".  =) 

When we got their referrals, we were literally bombarded with all of their history.  Another thing I love about working with Bethany, they research and investigate all the children in their care.  Therefore, we have their history!  I received multiple 40+ page reports on each.  Literally hundreds of email update reports, pictures and videos.  I admit I scanned the writings and went straight to the pictures and videos!  Now, I have a chance to sit back and review our children's stories, look over medical reports, dream about what I'm told their personalities are like, etc.  I am falling so in love with these 2!!

For "T", English is her 3rd language.  She recently "ranked 2nd out of 45 students" at her school!  And is a "very smart student"!  She was awarded a diary for her accomplishments.  I am so proud of her!

"B" apparently is a chatter-box.  =)   She likes to be the center of attention.  Her friends have a nickname for her which means talkative and they say that "she will talk to a stone some day if there is no one around".  LOL!! Solomon is gonna have some competition over here!!
Both girls like to play with dolls, are social, are athletic and respectful.  LOVE hearing and reading about them.  Realizing that this will likely be full of challenges in every way, I am still super ready to travel to Ethiopia and bring them both home.  And, especially to give them a family, which every child on this planet deserves!  

God has lead us to them and we leave it all in His Mighty Authority about what lies ahead for all of us. 

Relying on my Heavenly Father in all things....that's a pretty great place to be! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Tulip Time Fun

Posing for pictures during Tulip Time 2014.
Kyah really enjoyed wearing her Dutch costume this year.  Especially the wooden shoes!  
Love this girl!  She asks me to come see her baby-dolls that she set up.  Then, I notice one with a toy hand gun!  I removed it and she quickly put it back and said she was going bird hunting!  She's a girly-girl with a big splash of tom-boy!

We are at the wonderful part in the adoption journey called WAITING.  Things are in process and there's really nothing new to report.  We are in the part of the process when the US Embassy reviews our girls cases and basically makes sure everything about these adoptions are ethical.  Love working with Bethany Christian Services for this fact!  They have a great reputation with the Ethiopian government and make sure things are done properly and with the best interest of the children.

The absolute most asked question is:  "When will you bring them home?"  Well, I wish we knew!  We are told the process we are in is typically between 2 1/2 months to 4 months to complete.  Then, the parent/guardian court date a month from that, then our court date.  We will make 2 trips to Africa, just like for Kyah's adoption.  The 2nd trip should come quicker (less time in between the trips) due to the US Embassy reviewing the cases now, rather than in between the 2 trips.  I really don't like to put a time-frame on this since things in the adoption world change constantly.  God willing, there will be no hold-ups with paperwork, parent/guardian reviews, or more government slow-downs and we can get those cuties home!

Friday, May 2, 2014


To all you adoptive parents, you know what this means!  For you others, it means Dossier To Ethiopia!  Ironically we received an email that all our papers are being sent to Ethiopia today while we were in Chicago at the Christian Alliance for Orphans summit.  

Another step closer to bringing our girlies home!!