Help bring our girls home!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

To Be Continued

"The team has also informed us that they have reached out and went to the head office to discuss regional approval today, but the heads of the office are not in. Followed by the election on Sunday, this Thursday was a holiday celebrating the day the current government came into power. The government officials and experts are not available at office with various events going on.

We expect the experts and the head of the offices to be back to office next week. We will follow up on this and send you any updates."

This is what our Friday updates from our social worker have looked like, or at least similar to this, since the end of February.  We are somewhat numb to hearing this same thing over and over and never surprised that nothing has happened.  We are however, NOT giving up hope that one day soon we will get the miraculous surprise that we have gotten our Regional approval!

We received a beautiful updated assessment on both girls this past Friday, which included many pictures and videos!  They are literally growing up before our eyes and are so incredibly beautiful!  I long to share photos of them!  Their English is improving so much and they are doing well in school. It's fun to hear about their day and see how they pose for pictures to send to their family.  Oh how I love to say that!  They each gave us a greeting in English, telling how they pray for us, love us and miss us.  I actually had someone ask how they could miss us having never even met us.  At the thought of that question, I simply smile and know in my heart!  ❤️

So, for today, we pray that this coming week would be the week we get our Regional approval!  God can make a way, where there seems to be no way!
Praying I do not need to post another "to be continued" and that I can rejoice with some positive news in our daughters cases!!
Thanks for your continued prayers!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


You know the saying "God is up to something or the devil wouldn't be fighting this hard"....oh, we must have satan shaking in his boots!  He is trying SO hard to fight against our adoptions!  This all just came to my realization as I was contacting my social worker just now and had a discussion about all the things that are being thrown in our path to slow things down.
There have been so many road-blocks in our case and especially right now.  Crazy things!  He (satan) knows he is up for a big fight and won't win this!  He's scared!  That's right where I want him! He doesn't want these precious souls welcomed into a loving Christian family to be raised to love and fear God!
Pray this fight will be over soon!  The spiritual warfare here is huge!
My girls need a family.  Even if they are in an orphanage with caring nannies, friends, their own beds, 3 meals a day (much more than many children are fortunate enough to receive!), at the end of the's still an orphanage.  No mom.  No dad.  No big brothers.  No little brothers.  No big sister.  No little sister.  How I long for them to be a part of my magnificent family!!
We got a "mini" update on them today.  It's blessed and so pathetically sad all at the same time.  I can't even bring myself to type our daughters words.  It brings me to tears.  Please pray that this fight to bring them home will be over soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No news

Todd spoke with our social worker this morning and there has been no news our case.  Perhaps tomorrow, or we wait for our normal Friday update.  Praying that the meeting did take place as scheduled on Monday, just have to confirm that and our much anticipated approval!
In the mean time, blessed news from my friends to pass along!  I have 2 friends that passed Federal court today!  PTL!!  They are waiting to get their court dates!  That so gives me hope, especially in the light of other local agency's closing their doors to adoptions with Ethiopia recently.  Thankful for Bethany and that we get to have them for our agency again.  They work so hard in country, that I've seen first hand!  Processes and their changes are difficult and challenging, so we pray for those working hard for our girls!
Praising God today for families that received a positive approval!  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Another day.....

Another meeting is set.  Monday (today) is supposed to be the new day that papers get approved.  God willing, this meeting did actually take place and our daughters' paperwork got its needed approval!  We are trying to have a huge sense of humor with this situation since it turns out that our agency's lawyer went to the meeting that was scheduled last Thursday to get these papers approved, only to get another meeting date set for Monday.  Due to Ethiopia being 8 hours ahead of us and communication difficulty some days, we haven't heard if this meeting took place or what the outcome is....

So, we wait another day.  Eh, what's another day, right!? a momma in-waiting let me just tell you!  Right now, there is a hole.  A huge part of my life feels so incomplete and there seems to always be this sense of longing for the good news of approval, etc...with our daughters cases.   Which makes me think of my faith in Jesus!  What a gaping hole my entire being would be without Him to save me.  ME!  Just an insignificant woman from East Overisel!  He cares so much that He invited me to be on this wonderful-full of surprises-full of questions-journey and mother 2 more of His children.  ME!  He loves me and I'm important to Him and am a chosen member in His family.  My life would be incomplete without my Lord and He continues to give me strength and brighten my days!

Having just celebrated Mothers Day yesterday, I can say that I am over-the-top loving being a mom to Gabe, Jordan, Jesse, Solomon & Kyah!  Love these kiddos so much!!  What huge blessings each of them are to me!  And, although I am so anxious for their sisters to join the crew; today, this is where God placed me in life.  And, I'm cherishing each moment!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just like Pharaoh & photo updates

We continue to make comparisons between Pharaoh and those governmental people who are supposed to being signing off on our daughters adoption papers.  Exodus 9:12 says "the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart...."  Why would a person not want to grant a child a family?  We are so willing and wanting, but keep getting delays.

2 weeks ago we were told that they were going to "hunt down" the person who needs to sign these approval papers, and that didn't work.  This past week there was a bit of a positive movement. 2 people from the government met with 2 orphanage facilitators (to get that to happen is a miracle in itself!) along with our agency lawyer.  The case was gone over in discussion!  Horray, since this has literally needed to have happen for months now!  However, instead of approving it right then and there, our agency lawyer was told they'd get back to them with their decision the end of next week.  Ugh!  Defeat for today and another week of waiting.  

We did get some good news that the following court process papers did arrive in Ethiopia and should be all set, pending this signature that we remain waiting for, on May 12.  Complicated, but simple.  Hardened hearts that only God can break.   

Again, we ask that you continue to pray for this approval and signature!  Add to your list, if you will, that God soften the hearts of those who seem to have all the control in government. Although, I have connections to the One who is really in control!  =)  All in His timing!

Gabe's MSU gradution in April!  Super proud of Gabey-baby!  And, he's thrilled to be getting a full time pay check and not have homework any more!!! 
Solomon in Little Hawks wrestling for his 5th year!
Todd's grandpa John's old farm house before it was taken down.  Underneath the siding revealed a wonderful log cabin! 
Jordan Prom 2015!
Oh, Gabe!
Jordan & Tom, her prom date and boyfriend since July
Proud papa-Todd
Kyah getting in on the prom picture action!

Tom & Jordan in his new ride!  FUN!
Kyah loves the cows!  She is a little too brave sometimes! 
Jesse a.k.a. our climber, comfortably sits on a beam in our barn =)
LOVE my country family!
 Can not wait to add pictures of "T" and "B" to these blogs!  God willing, soon they will become little Klaasen's and I can!!