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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Blessed beyond imaginable....

Found this written on the chalk plaque in Tsinat & Bethlehem's room.  Seriously brought tear to my eyes to see in writing what they feel in their hearts.  Precious words from my precious girls!

People are constantly asking "So, how's it going?"  Truly, it is going far better than we ever dreamed!  Yes, we've had our up and downs, tough days, struggles, etc...however, overall we have been blessed beyond what we deserve!

Why did God choose me to be Tsinat & Bethlehem's adoptive mom?  They literally could have been placed with any family or never placed at all.  It just floors me that they are home with us and a part of our family!  It was a long wait and yet, it seems like they were always with us.  I recall saying those exact words after Kyah joined our family.  How God orchestrated my family is truly beyond imaginable and I am beyond blessed!! 

We have overcome a lot and know we have a lot to overcome.  The girls miss.  They miss Ethiopia.  They miss their friends.  They miss warm Ethiopian weather.  They miss Ethiopian school.  They miss their caregivers.  They miss everyone around them speaking Amharic.  They miss eating injera every day.  They miss....    We pray with them often and, in a much less profound way, miss too.  Ethiopia is so amazing and the birth place of 3 of my precious girls.  I truly love it there and can't wait to return!  Our recent trips were fantastic and we enjoyed each moment of it, even the long flights to get to that beautiful country!    
Wanting to remember these times while Gabe still lives under our roof!  We have lots of laughs together and LOVE when Kaylie, Gabe's fiance, can join!  Can't wait for wedding happenings!  Knew we raised a smart kid and so glad he picked her!
OK, I know I look 8....but MY daughter did this for me!!  =)
Daily breakfast with 3 teenagers, at 6:30am, drinking coffee ("bunna" in Amharic), eating scrambled eggs with berbera and, of course, Tsinat playing some sort of card trick to impress Jesse.  haha!!

Another airport picture, welcoming home our newest 2.  I looked at this picture closely the other day, and noticed how Kyah literally melted into her new sisters arms!  We get told frequently how well our kids all get along.  I've been taking notice of that as well.  Again, blessed beyond....
Hanging out with our friend, Frehiwot, who was welcomed home a month after Tsinat & Bethlehem.  LOVE how God is working in bringing home their friends from Ethiopia!
Kyah and her friend, Luke, enjoying a snowy play date at our house.  Just before I snapped this photo, Luke slipped her arm around Kyah's shoulder.  =)  They look like little models!  As Luke would say "they are cutie-pa-tooties"!!
Both girls have swimming as part of their PE class.  Since Tsinat was curious how we could swim in Michigan with all the snow and cold temps, we thought we would have a family swim day at the Hamilton Pool!  They never knew there was such a thing as an in-door pool and were amazed....and jumped right in!  The are brave and swam well in the area where they could touch and we all had a blast!  Guessing they will both be pro's by the end of the summer with all the swimming we usually do at our pool!
These are the beauties I get to see every day, just because I said "yes" t
o God.

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