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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mozambique, braces, shoes, birthday & snow day fun

Gabe left for Mozambique today!  He will be gone for 12 days repairing wells with 5 guys from church with a group called VOX.  He's was pretty excited, as you can imagine, and has a busy week and a half planned.  They hope to repair 30 wells, which will literally mean water to hundreds and prevent natives from having to spend hours a day walking for water.  I'm so proud of him and thankful for this opportunity he has to be used by God in this way!

Me with Gabe just before he left for the airport.  (photo-bombed by Jesse!)
Having fun shoe (and silly slipper!) shopping!!
Shoe shopping for my daughter who wears a SIZE 3 and just had to try on these!

All 3 teens got braces!  Decided to get them all done at they can compare their issues and complain to one another.  haha!

Kyah, Salem, Tsinat, Bethlehem & Frehiwot hanging out at our house for the day.  We are so blessed that our girls have 2 of their Ethiopian friends living so close by.  I found a store that sells injara and am learning to make Ethiopian dishes that are so yummy!

Bethlehem even makes taking out the garbage look fun!
Enjoying the sledding hill at Sandyview on our snow day!

Jordan, my favorite white daughter, who is rockin' out her senior year, despite having "senioritis" in a big way!  She maintains being on the Dean's List @ MCC while continuing with her required high school classes.  She is looking so forward to Gabe & Kaylie's wedding and praise Jesus remains in remission with her ITP!!

Kyah & her new friend, Nede.  Seriously, instant friends and had so much fun together!

What to do on a snow day??  Well, Solomon and a friend (with help from Jesse) decided to make a bungee cord for one of Kyah's dolls and throw it over the balcony.  LOL
Gabe & Kaylie purchased a new bed, so we put Gabe's old mattress to good use in our TV room!
30 year tradition for my dad and I...he takes me, just me, out for lunch!  LOVE this & LOVE him!

Tsinat, looking stylish as always, and my fun-loving man!
Celebrated my birthday and my sweet husband gave me flowers, brought me to Victoria Secret and let me pick out my favorite perfume & lotion AND got me a hand-gun safe.  =)

Happily married to the love of my life for almost 25 years!

Tsinat made this birthday card for me.  Yes, she tells me that she loves me in it.  Yes, I cried.

Bethlehem getting a horse-back ride from her dad.  Hmmm, who's having more fun here ??

Snuggling with my sweet girl!


  1. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of the Klaasen's world and evidence of your pilgrimage with Jesus Christ leading. Sheri and I continue to pray for healing, peace, trust and obedience to Jehovah-Jireh, our God. Blessings to your family, as you "keep on keepin on".
    Because He Lives, Bruce Van Strien

  2. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse of the Klaasen's home and pilgrimage, and sharing such great pics. Sheri and I continue to pray for healing in Gabe's life, physically and spiritually. Continue to trust in Jehovah-Jireh. God makes no mistakes and will sustain his children, even though we don't understand. God just asks us to be faithful, 2Thess.3:3, Heb.10:23, Prov.2:8. Blessings to you.
    Bruce Van Strien