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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


God had other experiences planned for Gabe while he was in Mozambique.   He and the team had one day of work repairing wells,  when Gabe was struck down.   He became severely dehydrated (even though drinking 2 or 3 times as much as the others) and got heat stroke.   He was brought to a nearby clinic, after experiencing a seizure,  then transferred to 2 different hospitals before becoming stable.   He was combative,  agitated,  sedated and unable to speak for over a day.   He was than flown by a medical jet back to South Africa where he remained for 5 more days.   

Todd joined him in South Africa to relieve our dear friend Brent,  who tirelessly stayed by Gabe's side.   Brent did everything from keeping us updated on everything that was happening,  cleaning up vomit,  making sure Gabe was drinking and coherent, layed hands on Gabe and prayed over his unconsciousness body, etc, etc.... What a gift he was and is to us and we will never forget what he did for our son when he was so far away from home. 

My boys are home now.  Whew!  Gabe went to his medical Dr. and is making a full recovery!   He gets very tired and has lost a lot of weight,  but had much to be thankful for!!  

The big issue: spiritual warfare.   I know about this topic a bit because of what the Bible tells us.  I have never known anyone who has had this,  but am becoming well educated.   It is real people!   It's happening in our house!   And it's attacking my son!   

Gabe is very deeply rooted in Christ and in God's Word.  And, without going into details,  this NEEDS to STOP!  Right now,  he is to the point of less fear and mainly finds it a nuisance.  Gabe knows God wins, and so does this intruder!   All I know is Gabe's faith and trust in God had never been so deep and that God has BIG plans for my Gabey-Baby with Satan working this hard to bring him down!

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  1. AMEN and AMEN Carrie! The spiritual warfare is real and it is going to stop attacking Gabe in JESUS name! He's doing a great work. I do believe that Gabe is going to be used in AMAZING ways by God, that's why satan is trying so hard to stop him. Keep the faith and we will certainly keep praying too!